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Tax Collector » Tax Sale Information » Brochures

Brochure/Map Order Information

Brochures and Assessor's maps for the auction will be available through the Tax Collector's office beginning July 1, 2022. A CD containing both brochure and maps will also be available. To purchase by mail please send the order form with your check, name and address to the Tax Collector's office and the item(s) will be mailed. Because brochures and maps are mailed UPS, post office boxes are unacceptable addresses.

The property descriptions appearing in the brochure are the County Assessor's brief legal descriptions. In some cases, they have been further abbreviated due to space requirements.

Brochure Includes:
  • Item Number
  • Tax Rate Area
  • Parcel Number
  • Situs Address (if available)
  • Legal Description
  • Minimum Bid
  • Current Assessee and Mailing Address
  • Redemption Amounts
  • Assessed Values and Tax Amounts

Please include the order form with your payment. The brochure/maps/CD will be mailed upon receipt of your payment.


Click Here for the Order Form